Construction bidding just got more simple. We already released the basic construction bidding tool-set in May. Now we’re adding job categories, multi-round bidding, email tracking to add more flexibility.

How To Do Construction Bidding in Planyard (by Fizure) - Job Costing Software


Send RFQs by job category

With the recent addition of subcontractor management by category, it’s now possible to send out RFQs by job category. Not only that but we’ve also made it possible to assign categories already when adding new subcontractors during RFQ creation.

Construction Bidding - Job Categories

All this ties in with our efforts to take subcontractor management to the next level.

Track who has viewed RFQs

Planyard helps you to predict which subcontractors might submit bids by tracking emails.

Once you send out RFQs, you will see how many times a subcontractor has viewed the RFQ and when was the last time they did it. You can then either resend an RFQ or just call the subcontractor up to make sure they submit a bid.

Construction Multi-Round Bidding

Each bidder now also has a status which you can change manually.

Multi-round bidding

There’s now also some basic functionality for multi-round bidding. Basically we will make a copy of the old RFQ which you can then modify before sending it out. This will come handy when a lot of time has elapsed before you ran the last bid vs when the jobs actually start.

You can also request changes from a subcontractor to already an submitted bid. It’s helpful when someone has made a mistake.

Contract drafts from winning bids

You can create contracts straight from the winning bid.

To allow for contract negotiation, contracts are now kept in draft until you decide to confirm them.


Read more about construction bidding on our website, support center or sign up for a free trial to test it out yourself.