Here’s a list of major product updates from September (in addition to already existing subcontractor billing features).

More powerful search for finding subcontractors

Subcontractors can now be found using Search (from the top menu). This is in addition to finding projects, invoices, and contracts.

Access your subcontractor Pay Applications, Contracts, and Invoices from one place

Subcontractors now have a dedicated space where all the documents and contacts are listed. This simplifies subcontractor management considerably.

Subcontractor list

When looking at an individual subcontractor, you can also drill down performance by project. Use the drop-down filter under the Subcontractors > Documents section to find out how a subcontractor is performing within other portfolio projects.

Duplicate invoice detection during upload

Whenever you or anyone in your team uploads a purchase invoice that has previously been uploaded or approved you’ll see a yellow notification. This reduces the number of mistakes when managing invoices from subcontractors.