Planyard contractor software helps ambitious teams smash their financial targets and accelerate their growth.

Planyard construction budget view improvements

Planyard budget management tool helps you control project costs in spreadsheets and duplicate data entry free. You can track your project costs and forecasts in real time. Please take a look here at how it works.

  1. Now there is an option to add a comment when revising the budget. So in the future, you’ll be able to quickly go and check the reason behind revising the budget.

Subcontractor and Vendor bidding tool updates

Planyard subcontractor bidding helps you centralize and automate the bidding process. All the bids are automatically ready for comparison. Please take a look here at how it works.

  1. The bid submission date reminder email has the subject prefix “Reminder.” Previously some bidders needed clarification why they received the same bid request again.
  2. There’s an option to select “Compare bids against client contract values.” This gives you more analytical tools to evaluate the bids and understand how the market prices impact your project profitability. Open the bid comparison view and click “Configure view.

Planyard Estimating tool updates (Beta version):

Planyard construction cost estimating functionality has the flexibility of a spreadsheet but eliminates the risk of calculation errors and provides a real-time overview of your sales pipeline. The estimating tool is currently a Beta version it’s available for all users and already in use by the first users. To learn about the cost estimating tool, please email us at info [at]

  1. The planyard product management team works on estimating and material database management.
  2. There is an option to export the cost-estimating spreadsheet. Click “Download as” on the top right corner of the estimating tab and select if you want to select a pdf- or xlsx report.
  3. When registering a new prospect job, there’s an option to enter “estimation deadline.” Then you’ll be notified when the deadline approaches and can be sure to remember to submit the bid on time.
  4. One click converts the winning bid to a winning project. So you no longer have to import the winning bid via a spreadsheet.
  5. You can optionally add the project potential dates to the project which you estimate. Then it’ll be easier to review your future portfolio and see if enough new projects are starting in the upcoming months.

Project Cash-flow forecasting

Planyard cash-flow forecasting tool helps you forecast project costs and income in an interlinked system. The management has a real-time dashboard to track portfolio cash-flow forecasts. To learn about the cash-flow forecasting tool, please email us at info [at]

  1. Optionally delete a cash-flow forecast draft.
  2. To make forecasting easier and enter the remaining costs on the corresponding month, click “Copy remaining budget.” You’ll see the copy icon after hovering over the remaining column items.

Subcontractors and vendors management tool

The subcontractors’ and vendors’ management tool provides a central hub for all your stakeholders to access the subcontractors’ and vendors’ categories, contact details, performance, etc.

  1.  Bulk archive the subcontractors and vendors. Open the contacts list view and tick the box before the contact you want to archive.

Management tools

  1. Using multiple Planyard accounts, you can have the accounts interlinked and one-click navigate between accounts. To set up the interlinked accounts, contact info [a]
  2. Add settings for which notification emails should be sent to the accounting email. When you have set up the integration with your accounting system, you go and select which notifications the accountant will receive via email. Go to company => Integrations => Accountant’s email => Select the preferred notifications.
  3. Ublock your users who have entered the password more than three times wrong. Go to Company => User management => Unblock.


  1. Option to add a year-to-date button to the date range picker of the reports
  2. Export project cost lines and actual costs during a specified period. Go to Budget => Export => Cost-lines XLSX => Select the preferred date lines => Download report.
  3. Download the company-wide subcontract order booked retainage reports. Go to Company => Contract retainage export.

• Download the company-wide subcontract order booked retainage reports. Go to Company => Contract retainage export

Ainda a usar o Excel para gestão orçamental?
Há uma maneira melhor.

As folhas de cálculo não são a melhor forma de gerir os custos de trabalho
  • É muito fácil cometer erros.
  • Não se vê atrás dos números.
  • É difícil uniformizar e garantir a conformidade;
  • Não há uma visão geral em tempo real das previsões de rentabilidade;
  • Significa trabalho duplicado para pMs e contabilistas.
Planyard poupa tempo e nervos

Siga o seu orçamento em tempo real e tome medidas imediatas quando ocorrerem erros. Os custos de trabalho são organizados, e totalmente pesmáveis e acessíveis para previsão, gestão de projetos e muito mais.