What Is Construction Cost Control?

Construction cost control refers to managing your construction costs with the goal of increasing profit. So, cost control starts with estimating (getting the estimates accurate and profitable) and ends with paying subcontractors.

Subcontractor management is a big part of it as main contractors would need to collect bids, monthly progress reports and cost documents based on cost codes.

Another way to think about it is that it covers all the processes where construction cost codes are involved (except accounting).

Cost control can be done through whichever means (paper & pencil, Excel, specialized software etc.) but there are some obvious benefits of using specialized cost control software.

Construction Cost Control


Know whether a project makes a profit or not before it finishes

Save 3-5 days per month per project manager

Standardize the processes and ensure compliance

Detect estimating and design errors

Get rid of manual calculations and copy-paste

Don’t let things fall through the cracks

Construction Cost Control Software Buyer’s Guide

About the guide

This free guide will give you an overview of what kind of benefits does construction cost control software provide. And perhaps as importantly – how does it provide them.

It is written with main contractors in mind who need to manage large-scale construction projects.

Even if you’re not looking for cost control at the moment, it will give you a better idea how to make your processes more efficient.

In addition it contains a detailed overview of all the possible features and what the goal of that functionality is.

Construction Cost Control Ebook

Table of contents

  1. What Is Cost Control Software And Why Use It?
  2. How To Assess Your Company’s Maturity
  3. On-Premise vs Cloud Software
  4. Communication & Integrations
  5. Estimating
  6. Bids Management
  7. Budget Management
  8. Contract & Change Order Management
  9. Subcontractor Progress Reporting
  10. Cost Documents Management
  11. Cost Forecasting
  12. Cash Flow Tracking
  13. Subcontractor & Contact Management
  14. User Management
  15. Security

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