There are hundreds of construction project management software solutions in the market. However, construction software is not so widespread to have replaced pen and paper, which is still commonly used in many construction companies, although use of construction software has been gradually been expanding.

Why use a construction software solution?

In the 21st century, we are part of the age of tech. These software solutions offer easy access to your information from any place and at any time with improved communication. Moreover, the need for paperwork is considerably reduced. Ultimately, these applications save time, resources and money, while very likely increasing the quality of a company’s overall service.

Comparing product reviews and features

Some software solutions are made to solve everything with shining lights and whistles, but such applications are often unwieldy and bulky. The below list of the top 5 construction project management software solutions is based on several factors such as spreadsheet uploading, job cost, contract management, billings, commitment automation and accounting integration.

Sage 100 Contractor

Sage 100 Contractor is an integrated business management and accounting system for general and engineering contractors and subcontractors of all trades. The software includes tools for estimating, scheduling, project management, equipment management, payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable and the general ledger.

ComputerEase Construction Software

With ComputerEase, you can control costs during the job, produce more accurate estimates, improve job profitability, control vendor and subcontractor costs, manage cash flow, and better understand your business from a financial point of view. ComputerEase has many built-in product features that make it easy to use as well as sophisticated.


Know­ify is a web plat­form that gives small and medium businesses a new set of powerful tools to manage their administrative tasks. From time tracking, resource scheduling, and bill paying (accounts payable) to contract management and preparing, sending and collecting invoices (accounts receivable), Knowify takes all of the important but difficult to manage and paper-intensive areas of your business and organizes them into a secure, easy to use, always accessible online platform. 


WorkflowMax is a project management software solution built to take care of all of your business management needs, including project tracking, timesheets, reporting, invoicing, job monitoring and other aspects of project management.  


Planyard is a web-based construction project management software solution that handles everything from spreadsheet uploading to job costs, billings, contract management, pay application management, automated commitments and accounting integration. Planyard also offers an excellent mobile app for greater service.


Since these solutions differ in their approaches to construction management, it is important to get software that matches your priorities and needs.