Small-scale construction projects budget management

The small construction projects package makes it easy to manage the inflow on invoices and process them to accounting.

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Easy invoices collecting

Planyard invoices collecting tools make it easy for all the project stakeholders to collect invoices or paper receipts. It just takes one click to upload them on Planyard right when they are received.

Use the:

  • Outlook add-in to upload invoices when browsing email
  • Mobile apps to scan paper receipts and invoices
  • Invoices email to automatically import invoices

Be sure that all the invoices are registered, and nothing falls through the cracks.

Planyard works on Outlook. Android, iOS, and Gmail
Planyard construction invoices management software features

Approve the invoices when you have time

Open Planyard, where all the collected invoices are waiting for approval. One-click opens the invoice straight in your browser screen.

Label the invoice against the budget, check the remaining budget, and click approve, then the budget gets automatically updated and the invoices are automatically sent to the accounting department.

Integration with accounting eliminates duplicate data entry

Use the email integration to send the invoices that are approved on Planyard on your accountant email.

Set up Planyard integration with Xero, QuickBooks, and more, to eliminate the need to manually send emails or paper invoices to the accounting department.

The invoices that are approved on Planyard get automatically registered on the accounting system and are ready to be processed by the accountant without any manual data entry.

Seamless project budget navigating on Planyard

Track your project budget in real-time

Planyard automatically updates the project budget while the project manager is approving the invoices. So all the relevant stakeholders can have a real-time picture of where your project budget is at any given point.

The budget view lets you track everything from estimated costs against your approved costs, as well as ultimately know exactly what jobs were profitable and which not.