It’s been a while, and the Planyard product team has been busy. Here’s the latest and greatest product updates by Planyard

Project dashboard

  • The projects dashboard is divided into active, warranty period, completed, and archived project collections.
  • The project key numbers are highlighted in colors, like profitability, cash flow remaining, etc.


  • Minor updates in exporting the cash-flow forecast to Excel include a new date format and the removal of the item completion percentage.
  • You can now edit the cash-flow forecast name. Instead of «Cash-flow forecast May,» you can rename it «2024 Q1 Cash-.flow forecast.»

Client billing and payment applications processing

  • Client retention management.
  • Manage client advance payments (prepayments).
  • Create and download client payment applications.
  • Link sales invoices to approved client payment applications.

See how it works here, or read more from the knowledge base.

Project Cost Estimating:

  • Customize the sales pipeline stages. 
  • Manually edit the client price of the item instead of entering the margin.

Invoices processing

  • You can now enable the limited rights of the site engineers or admin staff to process project invoices. Previously, they could only raise purchase orders, manage change orders or variations, raise subcontractor and vendor bid requests, and manage subcontractor payment applications. 
  • Go to project settings, click Share Project, select the corresponding team member, and select the appropriate user rights.

Approval workflows

  • Set up an approval workflow for managers so that all the project manager-approved invoices must be approved by them. Once the managers approve the invoices, they are sent to accounting.
  • You can also set up project-level invoice approval workflows. This feature is useful when managing an open budget where your client is also onboard to Planyard.
  • Planyard also has approval workflows for vendor and subcontractor bids, subcontractor payment applications, and sending the purchase orders to the vendors.

You can read more about the invoice approval workflows here.