We’ve tweaked several important workflows.

.doc and .xls file previews

It’s now possible to preview also .doc, .xls and some other common document files in Planyard. This is in addition to .pdf and image files.

Jump to the right article in the budget view

Budgets for large construction projects can sometimes run hundreds of lines. We’ve made it simpler to quickly jump to the right article.

Just start typing an article in the budget article search box, select the right result and the view automatically jumps to the right article.

Improved calculations for contracting extra works

There are now several ways of calculating extra works for contracts.

When submitting a commitment, there’s now a possibility to calculate current commitments (for extra works) in a more simple manner. The way it works is as follows.

First, select the line item that the new contracted extra works should correspond to (for example, “Planting trees”). The selection comes from your already existing budget that contains all the possible works

Start by linking line-items from the budget to the change order. Then, if you fill out only the units and unit price (but not quantity), you’ll have a unit price contract:

You can, of course, fill out quantity as well if you’ve agreed on it.

If something was done already (some trees planted, for example), then you can fill that out under “Current commitment” – doesn’t matter whether you want to track the progress by money, units, or percentages:

Change orders end up in the budget as soon as something gets committed – whether that’s the quantity for contracted costs or whether it’s an actual commitment of how much work was done.

Still tracking project costs on spreadsheets?

Planyard helps project managers to save time on updating the spreadsheets and lets you follow your project costs and profitability forecasts in real-time.

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