Take your consrtuction project budgets and profitability management to a whole new level by integrating Planyard budgeting & construction software and QuickBooks.

Planyard is a construction budgeting software that makes budgeting easy and helps to track your project profitability forecasts in real-time.

QuickBooks is a smart, simple online accounting software for small businesses. Track expenses, customize invoices, run reports, and even more all from one place.

How our QuickBooks-Planyard integration connects the dots for you

Collect and approve invoices on Planyard

Planyard makes it easy to collect your project invoices right when they are received which helps reduce sending back and forth emails with your team, collecting paper receipts, and marking invoices unread in your inbox.
You can use the auto-import functionality to collect invoices that are sent at your main invoices mail address (invoices@yourcompany.xy). Additionally, you can use the Outlook-Add in to link invoices with projects when you receive them. The mobile apps make it easy to scan paper receipts and link with the invoices.

When the project manager has time, then he can easily approve the invoices. They are all in one list with a simple notification that helps us see that there is a job to be done. When approving the invoices, the project manager can allocate the costs between line items in your budget, immediately sees how much is still free in the budget for different items, and immediately sees if a single line item will exceed the budget.

Send the pre-approved invoices automatically to QuickBooks

When the project manager approves an invoice on Planyard a new Expense get’s automatically created on QuickBooks which eliminates the need to send the pre-approved invoices via paper or mail to accounting and fully eliminates the need for accountants to do duplicate data entry.

One-click to check everything from bids to subcontracts and purchase orders

Planyard allows the project manager to manage the whole procurement and billing process in one place. The online bidding process and subcontractor billing process eliminates the need for the project manager to manually update the budget and helps save time.

Additionally, you may automate the retainage booking, keep track of your change orders, subcontractor performance, and ultimately your project profitability.

The whole team can track project budgets and profitability in real-time

Planyard allows the project managers, site engineers, quantity surveyors, management, and accountants to keep a close eye on the project financials.

Everything is tracked on the unit, quantity, and cost level, and the risks for over expenditure are visualized in the bidding and contracting phase which allows reacting before the actual costs could impact the budget.

No need to wait until the project ends to learn if we made a profit or loss. The project profitability forecasts can be followed in real-time.