Subcontractor billing with linked line-items

Subcontractor pay applications software

Construction pay application software that just makes sense. You can review pay applications and approve your invoices with just a few clicks.

You don’t have to do any manual work to check the past progress since Planyard does it for you.

Free 14-day full-featured trial. Full access. No credit card required.

Progress reports

Get notified when pay applications require review

When a subcontractor submits a pay application, you’ll receive a notification email.

There are also indications throughout Planyard. This means that you can see pay applications waiting for approval under the project dashboard.

You will not lose any progress reports in your email mailbox anymore.

Valuations review

Quickly review and approve pay applications

Planyard enforces pay application comparison to estimated costs, previous commitments, and the contract. You can see all of this information displayed on the same screen.

You will see a warning if an expense exceeds the contract, commitment, or set goal.

The only thing you have to do is check whether what the subcontractor submitted corresponds to the actual monthly progress.

Valuations approval workflow

Double check pay applications with stakeholders

Send pay applications for an additional round of approval to site engineers, management, or accounting if needed. You can add an unlimited number of users to Planyard for free.

You will know exactly who has approved the pay application and who is still on hold.

If the approval didn’t go well, the subcontractor receives an email with a link to re-submit the pay application. You can also include a note of explanation with the email.

If you accepted the submittal, then the subcontractor will receive an email with a link to upload an invoice.

Invoices that correspond to valuations are waiting for approval

Approve invoices and keep budget automatically updated

You can open the subcontractor invoice and compare it with the original pay application in the same view with one click.

The whole pay application process from subcontractors submitting pay applications to approving the corresponding invoices takes just a couple of clicks.

This means that the budget, contract, change orders and pay applications are automatically updated. And all of this without you having to do any data entry.

Line items associated with the valuation

Keep accounting automatically in sync

You just have to do your data checking and entry in Planyard. Approved invoices are sent to accounting automatically. The invoices are sent together with a document that shows the pay application for a better context.

Due to this, these pre-approved invoices reduce the amount of manual work for accountants greatly.

Try this construction pay application software today. Free to try for 14 days.

Planyard in 2 minutes

Planyard (by Fizure) - quick overview - budget management software for construction projects


Know whether a project makes a profit or not before it finishes

Save 3-5 days per month per quantity surveyor

Standardise the processes and ensure compliance

Detect estimating and design errors

Get rid of manual calculations and copy-paste

Don’t let things fall through the cracks

Built for quantity surveyors.

You don’t have to spend weeks learning it. It works the way quantity surveyors actually work.

  • Estimate, track and forecast your budget.
  • Collect bids, monthly valuations, change orders and invoices from subcontractors.
  • Keep everything interlinked.
  • Follow your project profitability in real time.
  • Keep accounting automatically in sync.

Works for the management.

Standardise your cost management processes and ensure compliance across the company.

  • Get a real-time overview of your entire project portfolio.
  • Keep all the data in one tightly integrated system.
  • Forecast profitability and cash flow.

Planyard integrates with your existing tools

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Directo accounting integration
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First class support during and after implementation

Dedicated account manager

Email and chat support

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Bid collection

Easily prepare and send bid requests to subcontractors. Quickly evaluate RFQs next to each other, request bids adjustment via multi-round bidding, and convert the winning bid to a contract with one click.

Budget management

Full overview of all the transactions related to your budget. Drill down to job phase or line-item level to see whether you are on track to profitability.

Subcontract and change order management

Link contracts with the budget, monthly valuations and invoices. Manage change orders as part of contracts.


Collect monthly valuations from subcontractors. Avoid errors through automatic interlinking of progress with previously done work and the budget. Approve them with one click.

Invoices management

Stay on top of your project invoices without creating folders, printing papers or sending back and forth emails.

Subcontractor billing

Let subcontractors invoice you after you’ve approved their valuations. Connect invoices automatically to the right job and project.

Approval workflows

Send subcontractor valuations for a round of additional approvals within your team.


Stay on top of your project costs and profitability forecasts in real time at every stage of the project.

Cash flow control

Track your projects’ month-over-month cash flow and take immediate action when you see that the monthly approved expenses are about to exceed the income for a given project.

Our customers about us

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Intra Interieur

“I wanted to escape the spreadsheets, escape the manual data entry, and look for ways to stay on top of the budget numbers. It’s challenging within a development company to keep on top of your numbers.

So I came across Planyard in a search to improve the budget management processes and, to make my own life easier.

Planyard does that, and it takes your project budget and puts it very clearly on screen for you so you have a live real-time picture of where your project budget is at any given point.”

Ian Holford

Manager, Higgihaus Developments

Bristol, UK

“I have been working on cloud accounting tools like Xero and Quickbooks which are excellent, but they don’t have a specific construction-based costing tool.

Construction companies rely on expensive quantity surveyors and project managers to do a lot of data input on packages such as Excel which takes them away from focusing on value-added activities and driving the profit growth.

When I came across Planyard, I was relieved that there was finally a solution to this problem. Quotes, subcontract orders, purchase orders, invoices, progress bills, etc are put on the system and it’s linked directly to the budget, CVRs, subcontractors, and the suppliers. This is making people’s lives a lot easier. Data is at hand, it’s automated and it gets everyone away from the out-dated requirement to fill out spreadsheets.”

Paul Howarth

ACMA & CGMA, Director, Live Management Accounts Ltd

Manchester, UK

“I would say that Planyard is a great way to easily and conveniently track your job costs in one place. It keeps track of all of the documents and the numbers in one place.

If there’s some problem with the budget, it just tells you what you need to fix and you’ll be fine. It really just kind of thinks a step ahead for you.”

Jordan Cohen

Partner, TITN Development

Florida, US

“We save four working days each month per project manager. The biggest efficiency booster came from getting rid of duplicate data entry.”

Marek Korbelainen

Head of Construction, Kaamos Group

Tallinn, Estonia

“We wanted to know before a project finished whether we were going to make a profit or not. Planyard has allowed us to do that. We can see exactly which jobs are profitable and which ones are not, so that we can make changes on the go.”

Tomy Saaron

Member Of The Board, Hausers

Tallinn, Estonia

A selection of projects built using Planyard

Your data is safe with us

Kept in Google Cloud

Google Cloud Compute corresponds to the highest security standards. Your data is hosted physically in Google’s European servers.

Regular backups

We back up your data regularly. This means that if someone in your company accidentally deleted something big, you can restore it.

2-factor authentication

Two-step verification (password + a second factor such as a phone confirmation) reduces the risk of someone gaining access to your data.

Access rights control

Access can be limited on a company and project level. Not everyone needs to see everything.


You can always take your data with you. Whether this is for additional analysis or moving to a new tool.

Just upload the budget of your starting project and stay organised

* Free 1-2 hours training session
* Dedicated account manager
* Upload your budget and get organized
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