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Planyard is used both by big public companies and smaller main contractors who want to grow faster.

Included with every plan

Unlimited users

All plans come with unlimited users. And you can control who sees what.

Unlimited documents and storage

Keep not only your budget but also things like invoices, drawings etc. in Planyard.

Best-in-class support

There are no hidden fees for support. Most questions get answered within minutes.


Bid collection

Easily prepare and send bid requests to subcontractors. Quickly evaluate RFQs next to each other, request bids adjustment via multi-round bidding, and convert the winning bid to a contract with one click.

Budget management

Full overview of all the transactions related to your budget. Drill down to job phase or line-item level to see whether you are on track to profitability.

Subcontract and change order management

Link contracts with the budget, monthly valuations and invoices. Manage change orders as part of contracts.


Collect monthly valuations from subcontractors. Avoid errors through automatic interlinking of progress with previously done work and the budget. Approve them with one click.

Invoices management

Stay on top of your project invoices without creating folders, printing papers or sending back and forth emails.

Subcontractor billing

Let subcontractors invoice you after you’ve approved their valuations. Connect invoices automatically to the right job and project.

Approval workflows

Send subcontractor valuations for a round of additional approvals within your team.


Stay on top of your project costs and profitability forecasts in real time at every stage of the project.

Cash flow control

Track your projects’ month-over-month cash flow and take immediate action when you see that the monthly approved expenses are about to exceed the income for a given project.

First class support during and after implementation

Dedicated account manager

Email and chat support

Support center with how-to artiles and videos

“We tried to build a custom solution by ourselves. But just developing the budgeting module took us half a year alone. It only took two weeks to transfer all eight ongoing projects to Planyard.”

Marek Korbelainen

Construction Manager, Kaamos Group

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Are you a student or working on COVID-19 related projects?

All plans are free to use for students and COVID-19 related projects.

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