Flexible pricing for every size of company

Planyard is used both by large public companies and ambitious contractors who want to grow faster. But can’t do it anymore by just relying on Excel.

The prices below are per month and you can have an unlimited number of projects at one time.

You can test all of the features for free for 14 days. Full access. No credit card required.

Free estimating


Free forever

Estimations and quote sending

Put customer quotes together quickly and send them via Planyard to them when you’re ready.

Essential package

49 € / mo

99 € after 3 months

For small builders

For smaller builders who want to automate estimation and some of the cost tracking. Add your own logo and branding to the offers you send out to your customers.

Professional package

299 € / mo

499 € after 3 months

For growing contractors

For growing contractors who can’t manage everything on excel anymore and are looking for an all-in-one solution. Track your subcontracts and purchase orders against the budget.

Enterprise package

Ask us


For large enterprises

For large teams that don’t have everything streamlined yet. If you have specific permissions or would like to digitize the subcontract management process.

Number of usersUp to 2 usersUp to 2 usersUp to 7 usersUnlimited users
Site team access & limited rolesYes
Estimating and proposalsYesYesYesYes
Subcontractor/Vendor TendersYes
Resources managementYesYes
Machinery managementYesYes
Material managementYesYes
Costs database (from previous projects)YesYesYes
Volume calculationsYesYesYes
Costs management
Accounts payable invoices importingYesYesYes
Outlook add-in for invoices uploadingYesYesYes
Gmail Add-on for invoices uploadingYesYesYes
Consolidated invoicesYesYesYes
Invoices OCR & automationYesYes
Invoices and receiptsYesYesYes
Invoices for purchase ordersYesYes
Invoices for subcontract ordersYesYes
Invoices for progress claimsYes
Credit notesYesYes
Client contract management
Client contract documents managementYesYesYes
Performance managementYesYes
Change-orders managementYesYes
Open contract managementYesYesYes
Budget management
Import budget spreadsheetYesYesYes
Budget lockingYesYes
Estimates trackingYesYesYes
Commitments trackingYesYes
Item profit loss trackingYesYesYes
Site team access & limited rolesYes
Job profitability forecastingYesYesYes
Multicurrency (Ask sales)YesYesYes
Cash flow forecasting
By invoices date and payment dateYesYesYes
Forecasting by ordersYesYes
Forecasting by budget itemsYesYes
Purchase orders
Purchase orders databaseYesYes
Change-orders (Variations)YesYes
Partial delivery approvalsYesYes
Multiple team-members accessYes
Subcontract orders
Contract documents databaseYesYes
Order performance trackingYesYes
Retention managementYesYes
Prepayments managementYesYes
Change-orders (Variations)YesYes
RFQs (Tenders) to subcontractors
RFQ creating & sendingYes
Bid comparison viewsYes
Approval workflowsYes
Multi round biddingYes
Subcontractor progress billing (Claims, Valuations)
Manually entering progress billsYesYes
Subcontractor digital progress billsYes
Progress bills approval workflowYes
Subcontractor management
Subcontractor databaseYesYesYes
Contact managementYesYesYes
Performance managementYesYesYes
Accountant emailYesYesYes

First class support during and after implementation

Dedicated account manager

Email and chat support

Support centre with how-to artiles and videos

“We tried to build a custom solution by ourselves. But just developing the budgeting module took us half a year alone. It only took two weeks to transfer all eight ongoing projects to Planyard.”

Marek Korbelainen

Construction Manager, Kaamos Group

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