A Practical Construction Management Guide for Beginners

Construction Project Management


The purpose of this guide is to pass on the knowledge I have acquired during my 20-year project
management career. Having worked on countless projects, I have experienced a wide variety of
situations that have required particular approaches.

It would have been helpful to have a “big brother” who could have told me what to do.

Looking back now, I can see certain situations tend to repeat themselves ( at least
with some similarities, if not 100% the same). With my years of experience, I know what should be done in these cases and can share that knowledge with others who might need it.

My main field of work has been construction, specifically
HVAC, i.e., ventilation parts. However, the same principles apply in most areas that require project management.

I have experience in Estonia, Finland, and Sweden, with projects ranging from 100,000 to 8,000,000,000 EUR. With the largest projects being nuclear powerplants and particle accelerators

The 10 chapters of the guide

  1. Creating and monitoring a schedule. Read here
  2. How to run subcontractors’ and vendors’ bids. Publication date 16th of March. Subscribe here
  3. Developing projects. Publication date 6th of April. Subscribe here
  4. Signing contracts. Publication date 27th of April. Subscribe here
  5. Delegation and motivation. Publication date 18th of May. Subscribe here
  6. Organizing meetings. Publication date 8th of June. Subscribe here
  7. Cost monitoring. Publication date 29th of June. Subscribe here
  8. Communication. Publication date 20th of July. Subscribe here
  9. Budgeting. Publication date 10th of August. Subscribe here
  10. Setting goals. Publication date 31st of August. Subscribe here

Who is this guide for?

  • This guide is for you if you are starting as a project manager and just taking your first steps in the field.
  • If you are an entrepreneur and want to improve project management in your company, this guide is for you.
  • If you are the owner of a small company and you want to understand better the project managers of the general contractors who order services from you, this guide is for you.
  • This guide is designed to provide a detailed overview of the main issues related to the project.

How will reading this guide benefit you?

  • You will acquire the knowledge needed to prepare schedules
  • You will learn how to structure a good procurement process
  • You will learn what needs to be paid attention to when working
    through projects
  • You will learn about different kinds of contracts
  • You will learn how to delegate tasks and motivate your team

This guide will also cover:

  • How to decide when meetings are necessary or a waste of time
  • How to monitor expenses
  • How to improve communication to avoid problems
  • How to prepare a budget
  • How to set realistic goals