We’re thrilled to announce some major updates to Planyard that will enhance your project management experience. Our team has worked hard to bring you these improvements, designed to streamline your workflow and give you more insights and control over your projects. Let’s dive into the details of these exciting changes:

Purchase Invoices Processing

Managing purchase invoices has never been easier with our enhanced OCR capabilities. Planyard’s OCR now extracts crucial information, such as the invoice number and subcontractor details. Moreover, we’ve expanded the functionality beyond single projects – you’ll now receive warnings for previously approved invoices across all projects, preventing duplicate costs and ensuring accurate financial tracking.

Reporting at Your Fingertips

We know tracking purchase and subcontractor orders is vital to project success. That’s why we’ve introduced new Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to keep you informed. Visualize essential metrics like the value of raised orders, approved costs, and remaining amounts. You can wrap up projects with these insights, knowing all bills are settled confidently. Plus, we’ve revamped our Analytics tab with intuitive graphs, and even more graphs are on the horizon.

Seamless Xero Integration

Our integration with Xero just got even better. Planyard sends currency codes and symbols to Xero and multi-currency invoices, ensuring accurate and synchronized financial records across platforms.

Revamped Budgeting Features

We understand the importance of staying on top of your project’s budget. The remaining budget is prominently displayed with the latest update, complete with an ”Update remaining budget” column. Easily track your revised budget against associated costs, empowering you to make informed financial decisions.

Effortless Multi-Currency Management

Managing multi-currency invoices and purchase orders is now a breeze. Planyard automates the currency rate field, populating it with the latest exchange rate when you create or approve multi-currency purchase invoices. No more manual entries – activate multi-currency options in Company and Project settings, and you’re all set to manage diverse financial transactions efficiently.

Simplified Credit Note Approvals

Unlike before, you can now approve credit notes without a purchase order. These credit notes are seamlessly integrated with the accounting tool Xero, or you can receive them directly via email for effortless financial management.

Efficiency in Subcontractor and Vendor Bidding

We’ve added RFQ description templates to company settings to make the bidding process smoother. Whenever you create a new bid request, the description is pre-filled and ready for customization. This enhancement speeds up the bidding process and ensures consistency in your communication.

These updates represent our commitment to providing you with a seamless, feature-rich project management experience. We’re dedicated to continuously improving Planyard to meet your evolving needs. Stay tuned for even more exciting developments on the horizon!