Planyard now has a unique project bidding toolset for collecting subcontractor bids with some cool and useful tools that help project managers to operate on a whole new level.

Planyard enables spreadsheets free project management

Planyard is an innovative tool for project managers in general construction, real estate, and engineering companies that helps to manage projects spreadsheets free, reduces data entry, and have a real-time overview of forecasts. Everything from estimated units and costs, through bids, subcontractor contracts, change orders, automates subcontractor progress reports, and approving expenses is done in one platform with a real-time overview of project budget and forecasts.

How the bidding feature improves the project manager’s daily duties?

Planyard construction bidding software bids evaluation table

The project managers are usually the busiest people in the organization and yet spend 3-5 workdays on manually updating numerous spreadsheets. Planyard late’s update changes all that, helping the project manager get the job done in 3-5 hours and thereby saving 2-4 days a month for more essential tasks.

What makes Planyard bidding tool unique?

  • Creating the RFQ is just as easy as via e-mail. Add a subject, description, upload documents, and select the line-items for quoting.
  • One-click selects the subcontractors from your contacts database (Eg. our “Roofing subcontractors”) or simply copy-paste new subcontractors.
  • The submitted bids are automatically collected on one spreadsheet, ready for immediate evaluating.
  • The color-coded warnings help immediately visualize if the material quantities or units have been changed.
  • One-click converts the winning bid to a contract. (Where you can automatically request for monthly progress report)
  • The subcontractor’s database gets automatically updated. When a new contract in the existing company or a new contact from a new company submits a bid, Planyard automatically updates the subcontractor’s database. So it’s always up-to-date and accessible for all your team members.
  • Everything from submitting the bid to approving the final invoice is connected and accessible with one click.
  • Compare the subcontractor proposal against estimated units and the project budget.
  • Visualize business risks in the bidding phase and have time for important decisions before the costs are created.
  • Let the procurement manager, estimators, site engineers, and other relevant stakeholders follow the bidding process in one place.
  • Run multi round bids

Is it complex to submit bids as a subcontractor?

The bidding process is similar to how the subcontractors prepare and submit bids, and they usually don’t even notice a difference when quoting via Planyard. The subcontractors receive an e-mail from the project manager, with the attached documents and bids spreadsheet. Once the spreadsheet is prepared, all the subcontractors need to do is click the “Upload your bids” button in the e-mail and upload the spreadsheet and other relevant documents.

Want to manage your project spreadsheets free?

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