We are happy announce two new integrations that make your e-mail inbox more productive.

Planyard now has an integration with Microsoft Outlook and a Chrome Extension for all the web-based email clients (such as Gmail, Yahoo etc.).

Both of these integrations are big time-savers for everyone who is involved in handling documents for the projects – project managers, accountants, engineers etc. It’s now easier to forward purchase invoices and other documents to Planyard right from your email inbox.

Microsoft Outlook Add-in for efficient daily purchase invoices management

Skip the back and forth e-mails, downloading files and creating folders.

You and everyone in your team can now upload purchase invoices or any other files with one click in Microsoft Outlook.

How does it work?

Outlook Add-in for project invoices management on Fizure construction project management software

When you receive a new invoice in your email inbox, open the Planyard add-in clicking ”Upload to Planyard” (usually in the top right corner of Outlook). Then select the projects you want to upload the invoices to.

All the files will be stored in one place – under the Files section in Planyard. They can be approved by your team (or you) and submitted to your accounting software when you have time.

Where to get it

You can get the Planyard Outlook Add-In from the Microsoft Apps marketplace for free.

The add-in works both with the web-based and desktop versions of Outlook.

Chrome Extension for Gmail and other web-based email clients

Planyard’s Chrome Extension for web-based email clients lets you and your team send documents straight to Planyard next to your email client.

How does it work?

When you receive a purchase invoice (or any other project-related document) in your Gmail inbox, you can send it to Planyard for further processing right from your inbox.

Just open the Chrome extension from the Chrome toolbar and select which file you want to send to Planyard and to which project:

All of your files will then be waiting under Files in Planyard for further approval:

Where to get it

Download Planyard’s Chrome Extension for free from the Chrome Web Store.

It requires a Chrome web browser and works with all the web-based email clients such as Gmail and Yahoo.

Other ways to forward documents to Planyard

There are two more ways you can forward documents to Planyard.

You can use our mobile apps to scan documents (such as receipts and invoices) and upload them to Planyard for further processing.

Or, alternatively, you can use a special email address (unique for every project) and forward emails together with attached documents to Planyard.