Construction subcontractor management just got easier. You can now import, export, and categorize subcontractors by job.


Importing Subcontractors

Planyard already had the possibility to add subcontractors both on the go (when processing costs, for example) and one-by-one. Now you can also import them in bulk in the Subcontractors View. We also provide you a template for that.


Categorizing Subcontractors by Job

Categories are a totally new thing in Planyard. Each subcontractor can be associated with one or more categories (jobs). Categories can also have subcategories.

Subcontractors management

This makes it easier to send out RFQs as you can now send them to a specific category:

RFQ to subcontractor category


Assigning Categories to Subcontractors

As many subcontractors do more than just one type of job, you can assign one contractor to more than one category.

Usually, different people are in charge of different jobs. So, in Planyard you assign categories to subcontractor contacts (not companies). You can do that under the subcontractor contact view:

Subcontractor contact categories management


Subcontractor Performance

You can now see all the documents (RFQs, contractors, commitments, costs etc.) associated with the subcontractor under the detail view. You can even see the performance for other portfolio projects.

Subcontractor detail view


More to Come

There’s more to come on that front. In the meanwhile, check out our support center for further details on subcontractor management.