Construction job costing by job category

Large-scale projects budget management toolset

In addition to the features available for the mid-sized tier, the large-sized project functionality lets the users automate the bidding- and progress billing process and have the subcontractors do the data entry job.

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Organized bidding process

Easily create and send bid requests to subcontractors and vendors. The bids are submitted by filling in a simple spreadsheet and the bids are immediately ready for evaluation on the Planyard bid comparison view.

Spot the budget risks several months in advance and have a clear overview of project end costs-forecast and profitability-forecast. Have one place for all the stakeholders to run the bid requests.

Subcontractor progress reports

Automated subcontractor progress billing

Planyard progress billing makes it easy to collect and approve the subcontractor monthly applications for payment.

The submitted progress bills and the change orders are linked with the contracted cost, previous progress bills, which means that there is no risk for data entry errors done by the subcontractors, and ultimately there is no risk for overbilling.

When using the progress billing tools, then the only ones doing the data entry are the subcontractors.