Improved integration handling

We have completely overhauled how we send data to accounting integrations, bid requests and progress report requests. We separated the flow of making a specific action in the Planyard application and forwarding the data to a third party. First, we add the task to a TODO list. Our processing units then take care of the tasks as soon as they have capacity to do so.

The benefit of using this kind of a system are:

  • Much faster user experience – the user no longer has to wait for sending out very large documents (RFQs, large invoices) to dozens of recepients
  • Retrying in case of failures – we will try up to 50 times to try to forward the document to the accounting software, thus guaranteeing the systems will be in sync
  • Manual resending – If for some reason the data did not get correctly sent out, we can manually send out the same data again

Purchase orders

You can now create purchase orders and track their fulfilment. Just prepare a purchase order document with the details. Send out the PDF to the supplier. When they start sending the goods to you, confirm the invoice with the received quantities. You can even track the delivery of goods in multiple deliveries.

If you would like to try out the feature or have any questions regarding purchase orders, just contact our support.

RFQ improvements

Lines covered by RFQs now show a green checkmark next to the name to show which lines still need to be quoted for.

Lines covered by RFQs

You can now edit contact details (name, email, phone number and company details) right in the RFQ view under the Bidders tab. So that you can manage all of the information about the suppliers in one single place.

We also added now the capability to assign your e-mail based contact to a company before they have submitted their bid.

Contact detail editing

In addition, you can now delete archived RFQs if you have project editing rights on the company level. You might want to delete RFQs for cleaning up testing or faulty data.

Bulk progress report request sending

You can now send out your progress report requests from the subcontracts list view. Just tick the contracts for which you would like to receive the progress reports from the subcontractors. Since sometimes this flow can be used for up to 50 progress reports, a task list system is useful for. The user does not have to wait until all of the e-mails are sent out.

Duplicate invoice name detection

We have now added a notification under the document name when an invoice with this name has already been inserted. We check the documents in this project by this subcontractor. When you click on the alert, it will take you to the document to make sure you do not pay the same invoice double.

Subcontractor document duplicate

Various improvements

For the past weeks, we were also working on improving the user experience by improving the loading times for very large documents. We made this optimisation due to some of our users who have documents with thousands of rows.

We also removed quite some bugs from the system, but not all of them are noteworthy here.