Planyard contract management software for Xero

Contract management software that works with Xero

With the Planyard Xero integration, you can track your construction subcontracts and client contracts. You can send pre-approved bills with all relevant info automatically to Xero.

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Job costs in Planyard

Track your projects and budgets on Planyard

You can organize the line-items in the budget into as many job cost categories as you need. This lets you track job profitability both on the category and line-item level. You can also see the profitability on the project level.

Doing your job costing in Planyard gives you the possibility to see exactly what the final cost of each job comes from. The breakdown also lets you see why some jobs turned out unprofitable.

Subcontractor contract management

Manage your subcontracts in Planyard

Select the budget lines that you would like to be included in the subcontract or client contract. You can define quantities and unit prices per job and also break down the job into smaller deliverables if needed. Additionally, you can define prepayment amounts and retainages until the works have been finished.

You can also track your subcontractor and main contract variations to make sure they are included in the project profitability calculations.

Subcontractor progress reports

Review and approve valuations and variations on Planyard

Have your subcontractor submit valuations (also known as claims) themselves and you just need to review them. After the claim has been approved, the budget and the contract are updated. The subcontractor can also upload an invoice themselves, which will be waiting for your approval.

You can also reject the valuation and give feedback to the subcontractor. They can then resubmit and make the fixes you requested.

For both approved and rejected valuations, the subcontractors will receive a notification so that they can upload the invoice or make corrections.

Approving a subcontractor bill on Planyard

Subcontract bills are approved by project managers on Planyard

The subcontractor bills can be approved by the project manager. Since the subcontract is connected to your budget, the approved bill quantities will be reflected in the budget automatically.

Bill sent to Xero via the Planyard job costing add on

Approved bills are automatically sent to Xero

As soon as you approve your subcontractor bill, it gets automatically sent to Xero. The quantities and price from Planyard will be sent to Xero together with the original invoice document.

The data can be sent to Xero already with the accounting accounts attached. This means that the accountant just has to review it and approve it for payment.

Our customers about us

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Intra Interieur

“I wanted to escape the spreadsheets, escape the manual data entry, and look for ways to stay on top of the budget numbers. It’s challenging within a development company to keep on top of your numbers.

So I came across Planyard in a search to improve the budget management processes and, to make my own life easier.

Planyard does that, and it takes your project budget and puts it very clearly on screen for you so you have a live real-time picture of where your project budget is at any given point.”

Ian Holford

Manager, Higgihaus Developments

“I have been working on cloud accounting tools like Xero and QuickBooks which are excellent, but they don’t have a specific construction-based costing tool.

Construction companies rely on expensive quantity surveyors and project managers to do a lot of data input on packages such as Excel which takes them away from focusing on value-added activities and driving the profit growth.

When I came across Planyard, I was relieved that there was finally a solution to this problem. Quotes, subcontract orders, purchase orders, invoices, progress bills, etc are put on the system and it’s linked directly to the budget, CVRs, subcontractors, and the suppliers. This is making people’s lives a lot easier. Data is at hand, it’s automated and it gets everyone away from the out-dated requirement to fill out spreadsheets.”

Paul Howarth

ACMA, CGMA, Director, Live Management Accounts Ltd

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