Retainage management

Retainage (also called retention) is a portion of the agreed upon contract price deliberately withheld until the work is substantially complete to assure that the contractor or subcontractor will satisfy its obligations and complete a construction project.

It’s possible to now add, track and release retainage for contracts. In fact, you can have multiple retainages for one contract.

Read more about retainage in our support center.

Mentioning in comments

Although commenting has been possible throughout the app, it wasn’t possible to mention a team member in the notes. Now you can.

Use @teammate to notify a team member (for example: “@Andres, please have a look at these costs.”

The user mentioned in the comments will receive an email about a mention to make sure they are aware of the comment.

Company-level email forwarding

Each project that gets created has also a special email address for forwarding cost documents and other files. You can find it under project the “Files” tab under the specific project.

Now there’s also a company-level email forwarding address. You can use that to forward consolidated invoices (that need to be split between projects) to Planyard.

Or, you can use that as the default email addresses where each cost should be sent to at your company (instead of using It’s more useful than your regular email address because you can set up approval workflows inside Planyard.

Admins are able to see all the files, non-admins can only see the files they themselves uploaded.

We also plan to make these email addresses more human-readable in the future. Watch this space.

12 languages

We’ve added 12 new languages to Planyard: Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Latvian, Danish, French, Dutch, German, Czech, Greek, Portuguese and Spanish.

These languages are still in beta (meaning that we keep on working on the translations to make them as accurate as possible) but they can already be used.

Smaller fixes

In addition we’ve made over 50 smaller improvements to the software based on your feedback.