We have thought about rebranding for a while based on the feedback from existing and potential customers. We decided to go ahead with it sooner rather than later.

The main reasons for renaming were:

– Planyard is associated more closely with the construction industry where we operate;

– Planyard is easier to pronounce and spell (especially over the phone which we use a lot).

So, starting with today we will be using Planyard as the brand name for our main product.

What Does It Mean for Potential Customers?

This is purely a brand name change. The product itself stays the same and so does the company who developers and owns it (Fizure OÜ).

What Does It Mean For Existing Customers?

The service will keep working as is. No changes there.

The company that owns the brand will also stay the same (Fizure OÜ).

Both you and your subcontractors will just start seeing different logos. Some have been changed already, others are pending approval from our integrations partners (such as our mobile apps, Outlook add-in and Gmail extension).

In order to make the transition smoother and reduce confusion, we will use „Planyard by Fizure“ until end of the year and from then on will switch to „Planyard“.

The email addresses and domains for the service itself will stay the same for now (i.e. Fizure.com). We will change them gradually and we will give you an advance notice should you need to make any changes anywhere in the future.

What Is Planyard?

Planyard is a cost control and budget management software for large-scale construction projects. It helps companies like Hitachi ABB Power Grids, Kaamos Group, and Hausers standardize and digitize budget management. Sign up for a free trial to try it out yourself.