The integration between Planyard and Directo is officially out.

Directo is a cloud ERP used by more than 3,000 companies with an emphasis on the Baltic and Finnish markets. The functionality includes finance, enterprise resource planning, supply chain and inventory management, procurement, CRM and more.

The integration lets companies sync project budget financials (approved line items and the associated costs) between Planyard and Directo.

This means you can easily track the project budget and forecasts in Planyard but your company resources in Directo without having to manually send data back and forth. It thus reduces the time spent on data entry both for accountants and project managers.

How does the integration work?

When a project manager approves the invoice on Planyard (learn more about invoices management here), as seen on the image below, then two things happen:

  • Planyard automatically updates the project budget and records the invoice (along with the original invoice file) in Planyard,
  • the approved costs with the associated line-items are sent straight to Directo.

Now, when the accountant logs in to Directo, then there is a prefilled purchase invoice in waiting to be approved. The allocated costs along with the line-item names are prefilled in the purchase invoice Description column and the allocated costs are allocated in the Total column.

The accountant can manually select the right line-items from Directo from the Items column. Or alternatively set up the Directo „Supplier Automation“ functionality, which would automatically connect the line-items sent from Planyard with the right line-items in Directo.

How to get it?

Create a trial account (in case you don’t already have one) and ask your Planyard account manager or support to help you set up the integration.

Still tracking project costs with spreadsheets?

Planyard helps project managers to save time on updating the spreadsheets and lets you follow your project costs and profitability forecasts in real-time.

Just sign up to try Planyard for 14 days free. No, IT support or lengthy implementation process needed.